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  • MANNOL Brake Fluid DOT-4 is recommended for hydraulic brake systems and clutches using the synthetic fluid of the mentioned specifications. Provides smooth brake system functionality thanks to a higher boiling point (>260 ∞C) and perfect low-temperature properties (down to -40 ∞C). Absolutely neutral to brake system components. Can be mixed with any fully synthetic brake fluid of similar specifications. Observe the car manufacturerís recommendations.

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  • Q 8710

    New generation synthetic transmission oil for mechanic 5- and 6-speed transmissions for cars from BMW, Volvo, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Honda, ZF etc. The modern additive package provides an easy start, a smooth operation of manual transmissions at low temperatures and under high loads, holds excellent anti-foaming properties as well as high thermal stability and is compatible with all types of construction materials. Extends oil change periods. Exceeds most requirements of automotive manufacturers.

  • Q 8707

    Fully synthetic gear oil for all differentials, including those With ‘limited slip’. Ensures excellent anti-wear protection. Specially designed for high power vehicles, like sports cars and 4×4 utility vehicles.

  • Q 8706

    Fully synthetic gear lubricant formulated from synthetic base oils and an advanced additive system. Designed for use in limited slip (or spin resistant) rear axles, differentials, gear boxes and steering gears requiring a hypoid or extreme pressure lubricant. Provides excellent thermal and oxidation stability.

  • Q 8705

    High-performance gear oil which is manufactured from carefully selected base oils and special additives. Meets the manufacture’s recommendation for most manual transmissions, reducers and differentials. It’s specially developed to provide an easy work of transmission under severe conditions.

  • Q 8703

    High performance gear oil which is manufactured from carefully selected base oils and special additives. Meets the manufacture’s recommendation for most manual transmissions, reducers and differentials where an API GL 5 gear oil is recommended. It’s specially developed to provide an easy work of transmission under severe conditions.

  • Q 8702

    Fully synthetic high quality transmission oil for lubrication of the transmission gears with integrated differential gears. Provides high differential gears protection and increases their life circles. Prolongs periods between oil change. Meets the requirements of most of the auto producers

  • Q 8701

    The all year round transmission oil is manufactured on the basis of deep-cleaned basic mineral oils with the addition of highly effective additive sets that ensure a reliable operation of the transmission. The oil is designed for use in axles with spiral-conical transmissions that are operated at moderate and high speed and demand or in axles with spiral bevel gears that are operated at moderate speed and demand.

  • Q 8708

    High quality transmission oil with mineral basis for mechanical transmission aggregates of trucks and passenger vehicles that provides safe functioning of self-locking gears with limited slip, main gears, reducing gears, driving axles and other loaded transmission control groups. Has perfect anti-tearing and anti wear-out properties. Improved thermal and oxidation stability provides perfect cleanness of the mechanisms and prolonged oil cycle life before change.

  • Q 8616

    Synthetic gear oil for Dual Clutch Gear of several manufacturers like VW/AUDI (DSG/S-tronic), BMW (DKG-GETRAG), FORD (POWERSHIFT), ZF, PEUGEOT/CITROEN (DCSG) VOLVO, CHRYSLER, DODGE, MITSUBISHI (TC-SST) and others. Guarantees good lubricating properties even at extremely temperatures in summer and low winter temperatures. Allows virtually slip-free operation and thus minimal torque losses. Ensures low wear and long life of the transmission.

  • Q 8601

    Oil blended from high-performance base oils and carefully selected additives, including friction modifiers, detergent-dispersants, oxidation inhibitors, viscosity index improvers, corrosion inhibitors, and defoaming agents.

  • Q 8614

    Modern synthetic liquid designed for use in most Alpina, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, Maserati, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, VW vehicles that are equipped with 8-, 6-, and 5-speed automatic transmissions by ZF Friedrichshafen AG. Ensures a comfortable gear shift at low temperatures, protects against wear through friction, and prolongs working life of the automatic transmission. The special additive package increases the performance and the reliability of the hydrodynamic coupling, gearwheels, hydraulic servo drive. Increases economy of fuel consumption.

  • Q 8613

    Synthetic fluid designed for modern 6-speed automatic transmissions of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Ensures a comfortable gear shift at low temperatures.

  • Q 8612

    Semi-synthetic fluid, specially developed for Multitronic, Steptronic, Tiptronic transmissions. Ensures a long and reliable operation of new generation automatic transmissions under heavy loads.

  • Q 8615

    Supreme performance automatic transmission fluid specially developed for General Motors vehicles. This fluid is formulated with exceptional quality base fluids and advanced additive technology to provide outstanding oxidation resistance, friction durability, wear protection and shear stability. Enhanced foam control maintains responsive shifts and reduces wear on bearings, bushings and gears. Special rust and corrosion inhibitors protect critical parts against rust and corrosion throughout the service life.

  • Q 8607

    All year round fluid of the highest quality, developed for use in automatic transmissions from Mitsubishi, Kia, Hyundai, for which car manufacturers prescribe the use of ATF SP-III fluids.

  • Q 8603

    Oil manufactured with highly refined base oils and performance additives to satisfy automotive manufacturer ‘s ATF specifications where DexronÆ III or Ford MerconÆ fluids are recommended. Fanfaro ATF III is formulated from special, high-quality base oils combined with viscosity index improvers, antioxidants, anti-wear agents, detergents and defoamers.

  • Q 8604

    Oil manufactured with highly refined base oils and performance additives to satisfy automotive manufacturer ‘s ATF specifications where DexronÆ II D fluids are recommended. It can be used in automatic transmissions, torque convertors, power steering and hydraulic circuits.

  • Q 8602

    Special high-quality base stocks with newest advanced additives for automatic transmissions. Carefully balanced friction modifiers allow friction retention for a long-term period of time. Enhanced resistance against oxidation and corrosion as well as thermal stability help to maintain all year round protection of transmission components.

  • Q 6203

    Synthetic two-stroke oil for all water-cooled engines. Specially recommended for outboard engines, water scooters, jet-ski, etc. Also recommended for two-stroke engines requiring an oil from API TD or NMMA TC-W3 level. Ensures high protection against rust and corrosion. Always follow the fuel ratios recommended by the constructor.

  • Q 6201

    High additive synthetic engine oil which by the choice of additives, the base oils and the viscosity grade provides fuel saving operation of the engines. Perfectly suited for all year operation in all modern bike engines (no sludge formation, excellent results in the sludge test). Excellent engine leanliness is guaranteed.

  • Q 6202

    Mineral oil for air-cooled 2-stroke gasoline engines, intended for machines, of which the fuel tank is filled with a mixture of gasoline and oil, and for machines, equipped with separate tanks. Ensures excellent anti-wear protection. Always follow the fuel ratios recommended by the constructor.

  • Q 1101

    Highly refined oil on a mineral base, designed for lubrication of the cutting chain saws. The oil has high adhesion properties, which ensures good adhesion of oil to the chain during operation. High anti-wear and lubricity characteristics extend the life of the chain. Greasing of the chain can be made both directly by immersing it in a container with the oil, and by an automatic oil supply. Ensures reliable lubrication up to -15 ∞C. Designed for the lubrication of chains of both petrol and electric saws.

  • Q 2701

    Extra high performance multipurpose tractor lubricant engineered to meet transmission and hydraulic fluid requirements. Optimises the performance of agricultural and commercial tractors operating in a wide range of environments and conditions. Combines select base oils and an advanced additive package to deliver the varied lubricant performance properties required in severe duty applications of agricultural and construction equipment drive trains.


  • Q 2501

    FANFARO STOU Multifarm is a multifunctional oil with new generation additives for engines, manual gearboxes, wet brakes and hydraulics in tractors, harvesters, construction machinery and commercial vehicles.

  • Q 6105

    Semi-synthetic Ultra High Performance Diesel (UHPD) engine oil that satisfies the strictest standards of utility vehicle producers. Synthetic components provide high performance properties. Has optimal low-temperature characteristics. Provides stable viscosity at wide-ranging temperatures. Safely protects the engine components from wear out and tearing either at cold cranking or at high temperatures. Provides efficient engine combustion.


  • Q 6118

    SHPD engine oil on a synthetic basis for use in heavily loaded trucks. It meets the drain requirements of the leading truck manufacturers and contains a special additive package that ensures excellent piston cleanliness and effective wear protection. Applicable in engines with or without diesel particulate filter (DPF) and in most engines with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems. Suitable for Euro I, II, III, IV, V, VI* engines.

  • Q 6117

    Fully synthetic engine oil, developed for highly loaded diesel engines with turbochargers which are operated under hard conditions, which comply with the standards Euro 3, 4, 5 and Euro 6 and which are equipped with diesel particle filters (DPF), three-way catalytic converters (SCR) as well as special afterburning systems (EGR). Recommended for use in European, American and Japanese diesel engines of the latest generation which run on low-sulphur fuel. Has high detergent and dispersive properties providing perfect cleanliness of the engine components and minimal wear out of the cylinder walls. Provides efficient engine operation. The low SAPS additive package with its low content of sulphur, sulphur ash and phosphorus protects systems for reducing exhaust toxicity and prolongs their service life.

  • Q 6115

    Special high-quality Super High Performance Diesel (SHPD) engine oil on a mineral basis for heavily loaded diesels of lorries and regular buses. Provides safe engine combustion at extreme loads and perfect protection from wear-out and corrosion. Thanks to special additives it has a low congelation temperature and provides easy cold cranking. Good detergent and dispersive properties provide perfect cleanliness and safe lubrication of the engine components.

  • Q 6114

    Synthetic Ultra High-Performance Diesel (UHPD) engine oil that satisfies the strictest standards of the truck producers. Thanks to its unique consistence has perfect viscosity temperature properties that guarantee easy cranking at extremely low temperatures and safe protection from wear-out at high loads and temperatures.

  • Q 6112

    High-performance diesel engine oil, designed for optimum lubrication under heavy operating conditions. The high-quality additive package reduces soot entry and acid-related seal aging due to low diesel quality. Protects against oil thickening, high temperature deposits, sludge formation, oil degradation and corrosion. Excellent low temperature fluidity and high temperature viscosity allow the use in most diesel applications.

  • Q 6111

    High-performance engine oil specifically formulated for gas engines. Designed to meet the requirements of todayís modern four-stroke engines, formulated to provide reliable protection for trucks and buses which run on compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). FANFARO TRD-11 Geo uses high-quality base oils and an advanced additive system with low-sulphated ash which delivers exceptional thermal and oxidative stability as well as nitration resistance. FANFARO TRD-11 Geo is balanced to provide perfect anti-wear protection characteristics to protect valve train components, pistons, cylinder liners and bearings. Low levels of zinc and phosphorous help to improve and extend the service life of the catalytic converter.