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  • Q 8105

    Water-resistant lithium-calcium marine lubricant on the basis of highly purified mineral oils. It contains special adhesive, anti-oxidant and anti-corrosive additives. Thanks to the use of various metal cations as the thickening agentís ingredients it has improved protective properties and reduces friction as well as wear. It is resistant to ageing, softening as well as hot and cold water. It has water-repelling properties and is absolutely insusceptible to sea water. It ensures long-term protection against corrosion. The wide operating temperature range lies between -30 ∞C and +120 ∞C. Shelf life: 5 years from date of production.

  • Q 8105

    LSD 85W140 API GL-5 LS is a high quality transmission oil with mineral basis for mechanical transmission aggregates of trucks and passenger vehicles that provides safe functioning of self-locking gears with limited slip, main gears, reducing gears, driving axles and other loaded transmission control groups. Has perfect anti-tearing and anti wear-out properties. Improved thermal and oxidation stability provides perfect cleanness of the mechanisms and prolonged oil cycle life before change.